8:08pm 02-16-2016
Boo, you will be missed. I cant count how many times you have made me laugh and giggle in the gammon room. You and Skeet have kept the room laughing so many times. We will do our best to look after Skeet here, while you watch over him and sending your love to him always.
8:05pm 02-16-2016
Lovely lady will be missed by all!
7:52pm 02-16-2016
Boo, there was never a dull moment when you were in Friendsgammon. You made us laugh and smile quite a bit. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
6:33pm 02-16-2016
thank you for being one of those NICE person that ive had the privileged to have had the pleasure of saying (gammon ) to , the world be a better place if all the people was nice as you !
6:06pm 02-16-2016
scott mosteller
RIP! you wher such a awesome lady u wil truely be missed my prayers thoghts are with your family!!! love mugs
6:01pm 02-16-2016
jamie litle
RIP boo u will be truey mised god ws taken a gret person prayers for all your family members with love jamie your chat bro
5:28pm 02-16-2016
R.I.P my sis boobear you will always be my angel sis mis you so much but knows you in a better place you will always be deep in my hearts prayers to all the family
5:18pm 02-16-2016
R.I.P Bonnie you were a special person and a good sis in chat and miss you my heart goes out to the family, You was one of a kind ty for being there for our wedding and love you sis
5:11pm 02-16-2016
House Of Music Radio
So sad to here of this .......RIP Bonnie ( Boo ) ...always a laugh when you were around never a dull moment ... we will miss you ...Hope you find the paper guy when your in heaven !! May God Bless your family and friends in these hard time ! You are gone but never forgotten ! Bert and Brenda
4:53pm 02-16-2016
Front Porch Radio
What a wonderful addition you were to the Porch! We so enjoyed your company and you were taken from us way too soon. We'll miss your humour and wit as well as your kindness. May you now be experiencing joy beyond anything we know on Earth.
4:50pm 02-16-2016
You are such fun that I'm sure you are keeping the other folks in Heaven laughing. I'll miss your sunny disposition. Your smile is contagious and makes your kindness shine.
1:40pm 02-16-2016
Farewell my friend you're leaving
It's time for you to go
Your friendship was a blessing
And I will miss you so

I'm not real good with words my friend but I will miss our secret chats and yr wild sence of humor.
11:39am 02-16-2016
Boo....we all going to miss you at Friends/Gammon for were such a joy to have in our room as a TD...DJ and most of as a Friend.
We all have been Blessed by the memories you have left behind Prayers go out to your family
10:44am 02-16-2016
We always wonder what our chat friends look like behind the screen. I am discovering your face after you're gone. But that didn't stop me from discovering a lil bit of the true ''you'' before you left. Thanks for the neat chats, great games and laughters. You were a very pretty lady with a beautiful smile. I will not forget you Boo x0x
10:20am 02-16-2016
WOW...still in shock hard to take in the fact you are here and the next day" just gone" will be missed so very much!!!
Your family has my prayers.
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