9:31am 02-16-2016
we will miss you boo boo
it was a real shock to know of you passing away to a better life, just the other day we were having a lot of laughs
take care

9:24am 02-16-2016
Boo you will be missed. It was always a pleasure to see you in Yak. Thank you for playing the awesome music for us in the mornings. Thank you for the gammon games too. Miss you already. Angel
9:22am 02-16-2016
What a Shock to us all you leaving so fast Boo, a terrible shock !!! sending lots loving thoughts to you and your family .
Blessings always Jana
9:17am 02-16-2016
You are and always will be,yakchats bright star. Am so happy I got to know you.Chat will be forever missing you.
6:02pm 02-15-2016
Sadded to hear this. Such a sweet person..May you fly like a Dove..Glad I got to know you..:-) Prayers to the family.
9:59am 02-15-2016
Allen DeCarr
bonnie thank you for comeing into my life. you will always have a place in my heart .you may had been takened from us on earth but you will always be in my heart . love you hun .
6:15am 02-15-2016
Keep it locked up there and we will keep it loaded down here Sis.
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